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26 Nov

Touch Screen Terminal Now Available

The new kelio visio X7 terminal is the result of an almost impossible challenge:
to design a new clocking terminal that meets the constantly changing needs of human resources departments now and in the future.

To achieve this, Bodet had to rethink and reinvent today’s clocking terminal and develop a communicative terminal that offers additional services and new uses.

The result is the new Kelio Visio X7.

It can offer proximity and biometric clockings. But it’s much more than just a new clocking terminal – it’s the future of human resources

Bodet Software revolutionises the way we use clocking terminals by offering a large range of applications.

The Kelio Visio X7 terminal is both versatile and scalable so it will evolve as your organisation grows.

Whether it be for simply managing attendance, requesting time off or holidays, viewing results or creating meaningful management and payroll reports, the functionality offered by the terminal’s will result in more personalised and effective HR management.

You can customise your Kelio Visio X7 terminal using just the functions you need, so that it is simple and intuitive to use, yet effective in operation.

The Kelio Visio X7 terminal meets the modern businesses’ needs for flexibility by offering 3 Ethernet, Wifi and GSM operational modes that meet all current IT formats.

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