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System Ease of use: 10/10
Cost of savings: Substantial
System Reliability: 9/10
Flexibility of the system: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Other: Good value easy to use system

Broadhaven Bay Hotel

“I am happy with it as all new systems it took a while to make it run smoothly but I am quite satisfied at this moment. I have to say that on the very few occasions I didn’t get a quick reply from the support team, as I float between stores I can’t spend extra time in one location waiting for support to contact me but I have been successful with takings screenshots and emailing the Time Viewer code and a description of the problem. Over all I am satisfied with the product and the support. I have to admit that I haven’t used the system to the full yet.”

Supervalu Cosgrove’s

“We find the system easy to use and quick and easy to navigate through. With over 50 staff in 4 stores, hours have been saved every week not having to go thought manual timesheets. It’s also a been a great help to know the support team are only a phone call away.”

McArdle Meats