“By & large there isn’t a manager on site that doesn’t love the system for ease of management of their team’s annual leave, time in lieu, absence planning, medical appointments etc. Our carbon footprint has gone down at least two sizes with the introduction of Kelio & the elimination of all the paperwork that used to go with the above!

The reporting is very easily compiled & precise (does exactly what you ask the report to tell you).

From a day-to-day point of view the system is fantastic, it’s easy to use for employees. Some managers struggle with anomalies & correction of same but it is often just educational issues that need resolving.

The support Timeworks give to us is 100%, we haven’t had an issue yet that we can’t be either talked through, re-trained or shown via Team Viewer. The support team do exactly what they say on the tin, they’re extremely patient with us & respond in a very timely fashion to any / all of our queries. Maintaining our support contract with them is a very important part of us having the system in house!”


“Our wages department use the system to calculate the wages for hourly paid staff. The system is intuitive, quick and easy to navigate. We find the security of the system and the support excellent.”

Standard Brands

“Once you learn the areas that you need it is quite simple to use, can get a bit confusing when you need to assign individuals to certain groups / Teams but Timeworks support can assist with this. We find it saves time by capturing all the clocking and handles the Holidays as well. The system seems to be flexible and have a lot of functionality. As a time & absence management system with access control it works fine. The support we receive is always good, the team can always get you a resolution to any problems you might have.”

Embankment Plastics Ltd