Mobile Phone Clocking

Kelio Mobile

With Kelio Mobile, your colleagues benefit from a simplified interface for smart phones enabling real time, attendance and or Job clockings.

Thanks to geolocation, you know exactly where the employee clocked in/out.

Kelio mobile is certified on Android® v2.3 Gingerbread,Blackberry® OS 5 and Apple® i OS4.

Kelio Mobile Overview

It is now possible to use the functionality of the virtual clock (time and activities) on a smart phone from screens specially adapted to the ergonomics of this type of hardware.

The user can therefore clock his/her work start and end times and jobs remotely and only in “connected” mode, using the same login and password as those used on the standard Intranet.

Users can request a holiday or view their personal results, or even open a door once you have the link to kelio security.

Everything your mobile staff members need, in one simple app.