Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Using Kelio Intranet via touch screen clocking in machines enables you to decentralise some administrative tasks, share information and improve the level of employee self-service.

The results are displayed in real time. No badges are required. It is ideal for halls or a reception area.

Job Costing

To identify the time spent per project, client or activity, your employees can input their time against specific work they have carried out.

Absence Management

Your staff are part of the absence management process. They can submit absence requests by PC to be approved by their manager, replacing the need for paper forms.

Employee Self-Service

In order to limit requests for information to your HR department, employees can consult their own individual balances.

Technical Description of the Touch Screen Clocking In Machine:

  • 17-inch colour touch screen.
  • Weighted pedestal (Complies with EN 60950 standard regarding mechanical risks).
  • Connection mode: Ethernet (TCP/IP).
  • Option: USB badge swipe reader to identify users