Employee Self Service

Involve your employees in duties and information management

The Kelio software allows your staff to keep better track of their time with the self service module. With functionalities like absence requests, clocking declartions and account transfer, staff become more involved and informed on their time and attendance. It allows managers to manage and monitor their staff’s attendance with proactive email alerts from staff requets and anomilies.

There are 2 main types of feature, for “employees” and “managers.


Employees may:

  • Clock in their attendance, business leave, break, etc. in real time
  • Make their absence requests with prior warning / freeze mechanism if organisation rules are not respected (for example: they cannot make an absence request if the absence balance does not cover it)
  • Consult their personal information (holiday balance, anomalies, lateness, bonuses, overtime, etc.)
  • Consult their work schedule and their teams absence calendar
  • Consult their monthly clocking report, etc.


Validators may:

  • Confirm their team’s absence requests
  • Consult the members of one or more teams who are absent / present in real time
  • Consult their team’s personal information and, if they have the rights, the information of other teams
  • Be alerted to events related to their team (clocking omission, absence balance exhausted, too much overtime),etc.