Job Costing

Organising and Analysing your company activities

Job costing is an effective work organisation tool that lets you allocate your staff to tasks, departments, workshops or projects simply and easily.

With Kelio Analytics you can take advantage of a solution that is:

Simple and User-Friendly

Kelio Analytics lets you allocate your working time to suit your organisational structure. It integrates changes of department and staff loans. You can perform past, present or future adaptation using its individual planning module.

Flexible and Accurate

An allocation screen lets you calculate automatically the working time for each employee and alter the time distribution when you need to.

Reliable and Summarising

Kelio Analytics displays your results clearly. It provides standard reporting tools that you can configure to your needs to process your data according to each individual employee and/or analytical section.

Touch Terminal

The touch terminals Visio X7 and the TCL 17 allows the clocking of jobs/activities. As both terminal are designed for collective use. The Visio X7 allows employees to clock jobs/activities directly from the terminal. The TCL 17 has access to Kelio activity intranet and is carried out thanks to a badge swipe on the reader which is connected to the terminal via USB.

Mobile Activity Clocking

With the latest version of kelio it is now possible to clock jobs/activities on a smart phone.The user can therefore clock his/her activities remotely and only in “connected” mode, using the same login and password.

Datalogic Touch 65 USB

Datalogic Touch 65 USB
  • Time available to clock: Depends on the terminal configuration
  • Reading speed: 256 Scans/second
  • Drop test: Numerous on concrete from a height of 1.2m
  • 65mm reading window

Datalogic Gryphon GM4100

Datalogic Gryphon GM4100
  • Time available to clock: Depends on the terminal configuration
  • Reading speed: 325 Scans/second
  • Number of Readings per charge: 50.000
  • Batch mode: Storage > 1.200 codes
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Comm. with the base in Radio Frequency: Up to 30m in 433 MHz / Up to 15m in 910 MHz

Opticon Independent reader

Opticon Independent Reader
  • Time available to clock: 15 Sec
  • Reading speed: 100 Scans/second
  • Number of Readings per charge: 1.000 (at 5 sec / Scan)
  • FlashROM 512kB: > 15000 codes with time and date stamping
  • 5000 times: “Activity + Cost centre+ Identifier”
  • Charge time: 2h 30
  • Drop test: Drop from 1.5m onto concrete
  • Delete Key