World Clocks

Bodet World Clocks

With multi time zone digital clocks and adaptable LED colours Timeworks can provide you with a customised clock for your organisation.

The World Style Clock enhances public or working areas in hotels, trading floors, banks, airports and commercial premises. The design of the international clock will complement most interior decors, with time zones and setting automatically memorised.

  • Display: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue LED
  • Type: from 3 to 7 time zones
  • Automatic Winter/Summer changeover
  • Easy reprogramming (change time zone or city)
  • Synchronisation: Independent (quartz), Radio, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF
  • Applications: Reception areas, trading floors, dealer rooms, airports and commercial premises
  • Note: All Bodet World Style clocks can be manufactured to display the city or country zone of your choice
MODEL 3 Cities 4 Cities 5 Cities 6 Cities
Digital height 5cm 5cm 5cm 5cm
Viewing distance 25 meters 25 meters 25 meters 25 meters
Dimensions L850xH208xW113mm L1120xH208xW113mm L1385xH208xW113mm L1652xH208xW113mm
Data sheet

Our world style clocks will display the official time in 3 – 7 cities of your choice worldwide. The LED display lights are available in different colours Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White.