School PA Systems

Bodet School Bells & PA Systems

The Harmonys system is a range of audio and visual equipment that enables you to program bell sounds, play music, broadcast information, and provide audio and visual alarms. The Harmonys system is adaptable and customisable to meet your needs.

Synchronised Bell, Class Change, school PA and Lockdown Alert Systems are used by thousands of organisations across a range of sectors such as education, manufacturing, logistics, banking and healthcare.

They offer an innovative and practical approach to ensure your organisation runs on time and is kept safe and informed.

PA System for your School or College

With over 5000 schools and colleges world wide implementing Bodet’s Harmonys system, this has led to an immediate improvement in communication between teachers and students.

Our flexible features include a range of wired and remote trigger methods for alerts, the ability to record and broadcast announcements from smartphones and visual alert indicators for noisy areas.

  • Class change alerts are automatic and synchronised
  • Different zones can be created, each having specific alert times, melodies or recorded announcements
  • Personalised announcements are created for special events
  • Messages can be announced via microphone either over the whole site or to specific zones, or use our Harmonys Talk smartphone app
  • Class Change alerts can be cancelled automatically during school holidays
  • Music can be streamed
  • Ability to link synchronised clocks

IP Technology

The Harmonys range communicates with your IP computer network, which offers
a number of benefits:

  • Simple installation: use of the existing computer network
  • POE supply: simple cabling
  • Quick and easy configuration of equipment via Bodet’s Sigma software
Sigma Master Clock

Broadcasting your messages

Sounders play pre-installed or custom melodies as well as general announcements.

Harmonys flash models meet the standards required for public-access buildings (ERP). The device emits two types of luminous flashes synchronised on the sounders, one for alert mode and one for bell mode.

Bodet Harmony Class Change System

You can also communicate efficiently with our Harmonys Microphones that will allow you to broadcast live or record announcements. You can also send message directly from a smart phone.

Harmonys Trio

Discover all the features of the Harmonys Trio audio system, a must in the Harmonys range. Indeed, it is the only device capable of combining 3 products into one: a speaker, a flash and an LED display

With its red LED, Harmonys Trio can display time information. Optimal viewing distance 16m.. No need for manual programming: each Harmonys Trio is synchronised with a master clock. The time displayed is accurate, reliable and identical accross all the devices. It automatically adjusts for daylight saving time according to the country.

A sound system that also displays the time: now it exists.

A sound system that also displays the time: now it exists.

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