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The Profil range of analogue clocks from Bodet have been designed with accuracy and with state of the art technology in mind. Depending on the model clock selected the Profil range of clocks can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Every clock designed by Bodet is manufactured to ISO standards. Our clocks can accept both GPS and radio synchronisation. This ensures that the signal sent from the mater clock to the slave clock is accurate.

Below you will find the range of clocks being offered by Timeworks. If you need assistance with your project, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

The clocks can receive the signal from a master clock in different methods:

  • Wired clock system (via a dedicated cable (Impulse, Afnor / Irig B) or an ethernet network (NTP)
  • Wireless clock system (via a radio signal across your premises (DHF)
MODEL Profile 930l Profile 940l Profile 960l Profile 940o Profile 960o
Dial diameter 278mm 377mm 570mm 377mm 570mm
Viewing distance 20 metres 30 metres 60 metres 30 metres 60 metres
Environment indoor indoor indoor outdoor outdoor
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Some key features:

  • Indoor and outdoor models
  • 3 sizes: 30 cm, 40 cm and 60 cm
  • 4 casing colours available White, black, Chrome and aluminium (depending on the model)
  • Hand options: hour & minute or hour, minute & second
  • Dial design: Arabic numbers, notches or DIN
  • Synchronisation: Independent (quartz), Radio controlled clock, Impulse, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF
  • Mounting options: Ceiling or wall bracket, single or double face
  • Time distribution methods STYLE: DHF, NTP
Analogue Clocks - Colours

Casing Colours:

White, Black, Chrome and Aluminium.

Dial Models:

Dial models are available on most profile clocks – Din, Notches or Figures.

Analogue Clock- Dials

Profil Mounting Options

Profil Mounting Options

Double-sided mounting for indoor or outdoor.

Profil Mounting Options

Wall mounted, anti-theft.

Profil Mounting Options

Wall mounted, double-sided.

The Profil 700 range is available in a metal case and comes in 2 sizes 30cm and 40cm.

Profil 730 Din

Profil 730 Din

Profil 740 Figures

Profil 740 Figures

Analogue Clocks for Railways

Bodet’s Profil TGV range combines a timeless design with easy readability, ideal for use in railway stations.

Four models are available: Profil TGV 930I, Profil TGV 940I, Profil TGV 950E & Profil TGV 970E.

Their key features include:

  • 4 dial sizes (278, 377, 436 and 650mm)
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Synchronisation: NPT (950E & 970E only), AFNOR and impulse
  • Mounting options: Double sided wall or ceiling support, hinged arm system
Profil TGV Railway Clocks

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