Netsilon Time Server

Netsilon TimeServer

A Time Server is a device that distributes an exact and identical time to all the equipment present on an IT network. Securely.

Our NETSILON TIME SERVERS deliver accurate, consistent time data to different types of equipment (such as computer systems and clocks) by means of various protocols including Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

Time servers for all clients

With our time servers, you have access to a time precision that meets your needs, from milliseconds to nanoseconds.

By using their own antenna to retrieve the time, you limit the risk of cyber attacks by having a reliable and accurate time source integrated into your network infrastructure.

You increase security through encrypted and authenticated time transmission (NTP, PTP). You stay in control thanks to the timestamping of all events in your information system.

Internal oscillator TCX0 0CX0 0CX0 0CX0
Average over 24hrs with GPS signal
1*10-7 1*10-11 1*10-11 2*10-12
Medium term stability
Without GPS after 2 weeks of GPS lock
1*10-7/day 1*10-9/day 1*10-9/day 5*10-10/day
holdover 24h
After a 2 weeks GPS synchronisation at constant temperature
5ms 15 µs 2.5µs 25µs

A Modular, Versatile System

With over 40 years of expertise in measuring time at a global scale, Bodet have developed a product that can synchronise and distribute time with high-quality precision on all types of devices that can display the time.

In order to adapt our products to different expectations and sectors, we came up with a modular solution. This system enables you to add operating options that suit your needs (PTP, NTP, IRIG B, ASCII, 1PPS, 10MHz).

No need to switch to a new time server each time your needs change: Netsilon grows as you do!