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22 Feb

Facial Recognition

In 2020 Timeworks released the Face Station 2, Our first facial recognition clocking system which has become a complete success. The Face Station 2 clocking system is the most advanced facial recognition clocking terminal, providing some of the world’s best features.

Powered by Suprema’s latest innovation in facial biometrics the Face Station 2 clocking system offers unrivaled matching speed, accuracy and a high level of security.

With COVID-19 still an issue clients are looking for Timeworks to provide non contact solutions to allow staff to clock in/out each day .The Face Station 2 clocking system gives management that secure piece of mind.

The Face Station 2 is now available with thermal camera.The thermal camera which is connected by USB onto the Face Station 2 is designed to stop staff from clocking in/out, who don’t meet the temperature threshold.

Its well none that elevated body temperature is one of the most frequent symptoms of a viral infection. The Thermal Camera which is optional for the FaceStation 2, measures body temperature at speed, making a significant contribution to the containment of viruses.

If you would like more information on the above or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01-2150030 or at

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