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23 Jan

Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal

The Kelio Xtrem is the latest in clocking terminals designed by Kelio software. Its design and durability makes it ideal for the most extreme working conditions. Rain, dust, heat and cold.

Some industries operate in environmental conditions which can make maintaining workforce visibility challenging.

Kelio Xtrem is cold resistant and can operate in conditions down to -15C, meaning it can be installed in cold rooms. The keypad has been designed to prevent residue accruing between buttons, and with an IP65 protection rating, it can be high-pressure cleaned.

The build-up of metal or wood particles can typically inhibit unprotected electronic solutions, but Kelio Xtrem is dust-proof and even shock resistant (IK08) for the harshest of industrial conditions.

Since temperatures in greenhouses and outdoor locations during Summer can reach high levels, Kelio Xtrem has been designed to be resistant to heat and function in conditions up to 50C. Kelio Xtrem’s OLED screen also provides great readability in direct sunlight and high contrast conditions.

In addition to functioning as a clocking in terminal, Kelio Xtrem can also be used as an Access Control reader, increasing safety for your staff and protecting buildings and secure areas of your premises. With IP65 certification and resistance to cold and heat, it can be mounted outdoors with its weatherproof design.

Operating either connected to your network or as a standalone terminal using a USB flash drive for data synchronisation, it adapts perfectly to your needs.

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