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10 Jul

Kelio Visio X7 clocking terminal

The Kelio Visio X7 is more than just a clocking terminal. The award winning X7 touch screen terminal has been designed with your organisation in mind.
In conjunction with the Kelio application, customers have the ability to setup each terminal with the different Kelio Apps.

The Kelio Apps are the applications available on the terminal and come as part of the Kelio software.

It is possible to dedicate a terminal to a single application to make it a simple clocking terminal, an absence request terminal or a visitor management terminal, for example. You can also decide to have several applications loaded onto the one terminal. Therefore multiple possibilities are available to best suit your needs.

Surveys, suggestions boxes and the ability to display customised documents or tiles.

The X7 terminal also comes with a built in camera and available hardware connections to your fire alarm,bell/siren or can be used as a reader to access a door.


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