Visitor Management

Kelio Visitor Management System is integrated into our Access Control software. It is an essential tool for organisations control of visitors.

Kelio allows you to customise the visitor registration process, capturing only the details required by your organisation.

With the Kelio X7 terminal your visitor can register his/her details whether it’s planned or unplanned. The terminal will allow your visitor to sign in and can take their photo.

Kelio Visitor

Planned visitor

When a planned visitor arrives, the following process occurs:

  • Summary of the visit with the QR code sent to the visitor by email.
  • Reminder email sent the day before the meeting.
  • Synchronisation with the Outlook calendar of the person visited.

Unplanned visitor

When an unplanned visitor arrives, the following process occurs:

  • Direct registration on the terminal.
  • Option for visitor to register in advance, before confirmation by receptionist.


Once a visitor is registered you can then manage their access rights:

  • Access rights can be given to certain areas within your organisation
  • You will know exactly who is in your building including visitors
  • In the event of a fire your visitor will be included in the fire report