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23 Feb

Timeworks Digital/Analogue Clocks

For more than 20 years, BODET TIME has developed a wide range of  digital and analogue style clocks which are very popular within healthcare, transport manufacturing and government sectors to name but a few.

The availability of a reliable accurate and synchronized time display can be critically important in many sectors. Bodet’s range of synchronised clock systems become a key factor in many industries today.
Timeworks offer GPS Synchronisation meaning 100% accuracy. Our time distribution system can consist of synchronising a network of clocks over one or more sites using a master clock or time server, or a simplified standalone clock.

Timeworks are offering a wide range of clock models to ensure the most appropriate time display for every environment . LED digital, LCD digital, world style clocks and a vast range of analogue clocks.

All our clocks are easy to clean easy to maintain and designed to comply with hygiene standards.

For more information you can check out the website click here: or contact us direct at the office 01-2150030 or

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