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25 Jan

Clocking with BLE & NFC Technology

Kelio BLE/NFC Technology now available 

Using your smartphone instead of a badge or key fob with our MIFARE range of clocks and access readers

  • Modernize company clock-ins effortlessly.
  • Distribute virtual badges with a few clicks from your PC.
  • Ensure new arrivals clock in seamlessly from day one.
  • Enhance access control and ensure reliable time tracking.
  • Simplify Badge Management with Kelio Virtual Badge:
  • Cut costs on forgotten, lost, or broken physical badges; it’s embedded in your smartphone.
  • Streamline badge distribution with secure emails, even for remote employees.
  • Minimize badge swapping; it’s easier to swap a badge than a smartphone.
  • Experience secure, easy, and fast badge management

The Virtual Badge: Secure Technology
Built on ultra-secure NFC and BLE technologies, the virtual badge guarantees optimal security. These protocols are standard on all modern smartphones. Orange Business Service partners with Kelo to distribute virtual badges securely via email, ensuring end-to-end security.

For more information you can contact us direct at the office 01-2150030 or

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