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20 Feb

Electronic Signature With Kelio

Electronic signature with Kelio

Finally, go paperless with electronic signatures and Kelio software! You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to use!
Get your HR documents signed remotely: employment contracts, end-of-period reports, health protocols or internal regulations… Managing signatures and archiving signed documents has never been easier!

What are the benefits of electronic signatures?

  • Speed up the processing of your administrative tasks using electronic signatures. There are several advantages to digitalising your current signature process:
  • Reduce your expenditure: do away with paper processing and the costs of sending documents by post.
  • Make an important contribution to protecting the environment by doing away with paper.
  • Speed up contract conclusion times, especially when recruiting new employees.
  • Save time spent on administrative tasks, so your HR department can focus on what really matters. Sorting, printing, putting documents in envelopes and posting them, archiving… all of these are time-consuming tasks with little added value that can be eliminated from your workflow thanks to electronic signatures.
  • Certification of signatory identity and the integrity of the signed document
  • Individual or grouped mode validation for the document to be signed.
  • Automatic archiving of all signed documents in Kelio

 Why choose Kelio for electronic signature?

  • Save time on daily HR tasks.
  • Cut costs.
  • Speed up contract conclusion times.
  • Certify the authenticity or signed documents.
  • Quarterly invoicing – based on usage.


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