Facial Recognition Clocking

The Facestation and Face lite are some of the most advanced facial recognition clocking systems, providing many of the world’s best features. The  latest in facial recognition terminals designed to be easy to use with contactless clocking.

Powered by Suprema’s latest innovation in facial recognition, The clocking  terminals offer unrivaled matching speed, accuracy and a top level of security.

With Suprema’s patented optic engineering, it achieves up to 25,000 lx of operating illuminance which in turn, brings all-round confidence regardless of lighting conditions.

Packed in an ergonomically-designed structure, the terminals provide exceptional performance and usability for our time and attendance and access control customers, large or small.

With the option to add a thermal camera to the Facestation 2 you can make sure your staff’s temperature matches the criteria set, before they clock. Leaving you with the knowledge of preventive action against bringing harmful diseases into your company.