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11 May

Kelio cloud solution

Moving to the cloud with Kelio on Demand.
More and more new and existing clients are moving towards a cloud solution with Kelio.

Some of the advanatages of our Kelio cloud solution 

Choosing SaaS (“Software as a Service”) means choosing a solution combining simplicity and security. With Kelio On Demand, Timeworks offers its complete range in SaaS mode.

For 10 years, the SaaS solution has been attracting more and more companies and is now replacing previous on premise solutions. It is now a real market trend that satisfies more than 80% of new and existing customers.


Our partner Oceanet Technology Group (9 hosting centres, 21 years of experience and more than 15,000 customers) ensures optimum security, integrity and reliability, certified by the ISO27001 standard.

This standard concerns the following points:

– Redundant servers

– Securing connections through a VPN tunnel, secure HTTPS connection and a Firewall.

– Fast and automatic updates on the server that allows quick adjustments. Customers can benefit from the new versions immediately after their release.

– The distribution of storage on several disks, which protects the data from the risks of alterations.

In addition, traceability is ensured by keeping modification information of the last 8 days on the technical platform and by saving all connection actions (additions, modifications, deletions…) on a period of 5 years.

Few customers can have the same level of security on their own servers.

Deployment and maintenance:

Our SaaS team, in order to simplify the process the server will be operational when our technical team arrives on site for the installation and training .

Maintenance will also be simplified, as it will not require access to the customers server. The SaaS team ensures the maintenance of the database and the security of the software. All this will facilitate updates and maintenance of the settings and hardware.


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