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“We find the system quick and easy to navigate. Since we implemented the system over 10 years ago there have been cost savings and time savings due to the fact that you have accurate information to hand. Both the system and the support is very reliable in general we find it a good system that never gives us any problems.”

Glenahaven Foods

“The system is easy to use and easy to navigate. In the past I was using an old clock card system and find the Kelio system very time saving and very reliable. It is also very adaptable to suit our company’s needs. The support team are fast to reply to requests and generally fast to fix any problems.”

Ashbourne Meats

“I find the system very easy to use it has saved me so much time. I used to have to calculate the hours manually before. We find the system very reliable and have had no trouble since it was installed over 2 years now. The support team are fantastic and always on hand and very quick to respond.”

Glenmar Shellfish