Absence Management

Simple and Effective Absence Management Tools

Employers have long been concerned with the business cost caused by employee absence from work. Indeed, absenteeism is one of Irelands if not the world’s, most prevalent workplace issues. Surprisingly though, very little has been done to address this problem, leaving supervisors and managers ill-equipped.

Cost Factor

Do you know one day’s absence can cost a company three days worth of salary? The cost of absenteeism is not only limited to the employee’s salary for the day he/she is not working – it is actually three times the day’s salary taking into account related costs involved which includes sourcing a temporary replacement and loss of productivity.

Where to Start

But even if a company wants to address the problem, where can they start? There are various reasons for absenteeism, so how do management and HR get it right? Actually there are several ways to address the issue and manage it effectively.

Kelio Software can provide you with the tools to help you tackle the some of these issues from day one:

  • Creating employee absence files
  • Monitoring staff absence balance
  • Monitoring staff absence totals
  • Easy to use annual absence calendars
  • Employee self services absence requests